SE™ trauma Treatment  

Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence.


Dr. Peter Levine, developer of the SE™ method

If you experienced stressful or traumatic events and as a result, you suffer from insomnia/nightmares, lack of energy, panic attacks, difficulty concentrating, chronic pain (fibromyalgia), or you have been diagnosed with post-traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD), you should know that your problems are most probably not "psychological" but a result of lack of balance in your autonomic nervous system and that SE trauma therapy can help you return to balance quickly and efficiently.

Trauma can be treated quickly and efficiently.

 Galit Serebrenik-Hai  

Clinical social worker and psychotherapist

Expert in healing stress and trauma symptoms

Therapy for adults, teenagers and children

Clinics: Tel-Aviv, Kfar-Saba, Kochav-Yair

Telephone: 050-3520022


My mission is to change the way trauma is treated in Israel and abroad, reducing unnecessary suffering caused by wrong conception of the essence of trauma, which leads to inefficient treatments.

It breaks my heart to know that people are still suffering for years and years from PTSD, panic attacks, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, etc.

Because I know there is a solution.

I will know my mission is successful only after the trauma symptoms are interpreted as lack of balance in the autonomic nervous system. The cause of the symptoms is "psychological".

Trauma is in the body.

And most importantly, the symptoms can be cured relatively quickly and efficiently.

This is what I am here for. Thank you.

Somatic Experiencing®

This body-mind method was developed by Dr. Peter Levine, internationally well-known Doctor in Biophysical Medicine and Psychology.

This method treats with great efficiency physical, mental, emotional and behavioral symptoms derived from chronic stress or traumatic incidents (road accidents, medical procedure, assault). Symptoms of trauma or chronic stress may include: insomnia, flashbacks, chronic pain, feelings of helplessness, psychosomatic symptoms (non-derived from medical issues), difficulty interacting with people and depression.

This method was developed by observing animals (mammals) in nature. This led to understanding that although animals are in a continual danger, they barely present traumatic symptoms. It also revealed born mechanisms of regulation and release of "stuck" energy in the nervous system, mechanisms existent not only in animals but also in humans. The method teaches us to identify bothersome sensations related to a traumatic incident and how to slowly and gradually release this energy which is "stuck" in the body. The release of this energy helps the patient recuperate the physical and mental equilibrium and put an end to the suffering caused by circumstances out of his control.

SE™ therapy is greatly efficient and often alleviates the patient's symptoms even  after the first session. Another advantage of this method is that the patient quickly learns how to restore ones own balance to the nervous system by himself, without the need of an external assistant. 

My Mission

Photos from recent workshops and sessions

With Dr. Peter Levine, developer of the method
With Dr. Peter Levine, developer of the method

In 2015 I participated in the training class of Dr. Levine in Denmark

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Workshop I led in Kiev 2017
Workshop I led in Kiev 2017

In December 017 I led a workshop on trauma treatment for therapists working with Ukrainian soldiers who returned from the front

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קייב אוקראינה ינואר 2020
קייב אוקראינה ינואר 2020

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With Dr. Peter Levine, developer of the method
With Dr. Peter Levine, developer of the method

In 2015 I participated in the training class of Dr. Levine in Denmark

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Professional experience and qualifications

Education and diplomas


Master's degree (MA) in Counseling Psychology from Kean University, New Jersey,USA
Master's degree (MSW) in Social Work from Haifa University
Graduate School of Clinical Implementations of  Dynamic Psychoteraphy
Certified in trauma therapy (SEP) in the method of
Somatic Experiencing®

Lecturer, teaches and publishes articles abroad

2016 - 2021

I have been lecturing at conferences abroad and leading workshops in Eastern European countries for the past 5 years.
During these years , I published a few articles on trauma and addiction in the   Somatic Psychotherapy Today on-line Magazine and in Body Psychotherapy Case Studies book

clinical Director of a rehabilitation center for people who suffer from substance abuse addictions

 2012 -  2017

As a clinical director of a rehab centre for people who suffer from substance abuse addictions,  I was in charge of individual as well as group therapy. During these 5 years I gained a lot of experience in trauma treatment, since  trauma is at the basis of all addictions.

Articles online


Serebrenick-Hai, G. (2015). Applying Somatic Experiencing® therapy in the treatment of Substance-abuse Addictions. Somatic Psychotherapy Today, 5(4), 102-105.

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Serebrenick-Hai, G.  (2016).  Thoughts   about  addiction,  memory,  trauma   and   Somatic  Experiencing®   therapy.   Somatic  Psychotherapy  Today, 6(1), 60-65. 
 View the entire article

Serebrenick-Hai, G. (2018). I  admit  that  I  am  powerless   over  client’s   substance  abuse  addiction. Somatic  Psychotherapy Today, 7(3), 10-15. 
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The body does not lie. Treatment of people suffering of addictions by SE TM method

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Thoughts on addictions, memory, trauma and the somatic experience

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