gSH Center


 GSH Center was founded in Israel in 2018 by Galit Serebrenik-Hai, MA, MSW, SEP. Its purpose is  to spread knowledge and experience on the treatment of stress, trauma and PTSD in the former Soviet-Union states such as Russia, Ukraine, etc. The idea of establishing this Center was born following several conferences in Eastern Europe, at which Galit was a guest lecturer, as well as the need expressed by the participants to enrich the knowledge acquired at these conferences in the frame of workshops and a more comprehensive program of training.   

Since its foundation, the Center has trained hundreds of therapists all over these countries. The trainings are organized by local organizers and are delivered by Galit in Russian at a fair price.

The training program "Healing Trauma" is based on the biology-psychology relation(body-mind), relying on the understanding that trauma originates in the body, i.e. in the autonomic nervous system. From this perspective, the Center offers healing trauma techniques as well as practical tools for dealing with issues like: Shock Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), sexual abuse, addictions, Co-dependency, depression and developmental trauma.

The theoretical knowledge and the practical tools acquired in this program rely mainly on the earlier and current work of Dr. Peter Levine and the therapy method he developed: Somatic Experiencing, as well as on the Polyvagal Theory developed by Dr. Steven Porges, and on the works of Dr. Diane Poole Heller, Dr. Van Der Kolk, Dr. Judith Herman, Dr. Gabor Mate and others.

The training program includes four workshops (Modules 1-4). Each workshop lasts three consecutive days, taking place on Fridays-Sundays. At the end of the training, the participants receive a certificate attesting attendance of 106 academic hours from the GSH Center. The Center can supply, at the request of the organizers, a certificate after completing the first workshop (24 academic hours).

For further information and for ordering the training program "Healing Trauma", apply to mail: